ECommerce Logistics & Shipping Solutions: Multiple Courier

Shiprocket is India's most used eCommerce logistics and shipping software solution. Avail features like COD (Cash on Delivery), prepaid delivery, automated shipping, multiple couriers, rate calculator, etc. Ship your products to customers to 26,000+ pin codes in India.

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6 ways to use coupons, deals, offers and discounts to

Coupons are a means to improve the loyalty of the customers. They ‘pull in the business.’ Over time, coupons have gained substantial popularity and acceptance amongst insightful marketing managers. Advertising Age which is regarded as the Bible of the Advertising Industry concludes that over 87% of the shoppers use coupons when shopping.

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Coupon Marketing | KartRocket

They would go for a sale and buy stuff on 20% off even if it meant paying for stuff that was never intended to be bought. They want to spend less money on even the most bizarre stuff. And what better cheat codes could exist in selling, than coupons. They don’t cut into the sellers’ pockets and makes consumers really attracted to your store.

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Best Approach For A Successful Online Coupon Marketing

Make sharable coupons like “Bring in three friends and get 20% off for everyone.” Don’t forget to include a link to “Share this coupon with a friend” whenever you post any discount voucher. Making your offers sharable is like putting half of your burden of finding more people on your existing customers.

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Engage More Customers on Facebook |KartRocket

Come up with attractive discount vouchers for your users. And post them on your page. They attract attention and make your site look really active and a running business. You can get more important stuff about coupons’ creation and distribution in one of my last posts. 7. Link Everything In a Big Web

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A Definitive Guide to Selling on Amazon India - Shiprocket

Social proof in the form of testimonials and product reviews is the most relatable factor when it comes to online shopping, and people tend to rely on it most when buying anything off the internet. Therefore, a product with more positive reviews is bound to strike a chord with buyers.

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What To Do With Left Over Inventory? - ShipRocket

You can start by giving 30% off on the left over inventories while the customer and sales feedback can navigate you further with the pricing. • Promotional Offers: Issuing promotional cards, discount coupons and other valid offers and schemes can be an effective way of moving out your surplus inventories. Customers are always on a lookout for

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12 Effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies You Need To

Table of Contents hide 1 What Are eCommerce Marketing Strategies? 1.1 Optimize Your Website 1.1.1 UI & UX 1.1.2 Enhance Product Images 1.1.3 Enhance Product Descriptions 1.1.4 Seamless Checkout Procedure 1.2 Content Marketing 1.3 Email Marketing 1.3.1 Build Your Email List 1.3.2 Sending Time Optimization 1.3.3 Email Content 1.4 Social Media Marketing 1.4.1 What to […]

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How To Reduce Cart Abandonment And Increase Your Sale?

Entice your customers by offering great offers like free shipping, free products, discount coupons or lower down its price. Let these offers force your customer to come back to buy products. Don’t let these abandoned cart jeopardize with your website sales. Implement these strategies to get maximum benefits.

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25 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business

‘1:00:00 left to free shipping!’ Setting a timer for your sale can help in increasing the anticipation among customers. On the contrary, you can also send emails to your buyers saying ‘2 hours left to shop the exclusive Christmas collection at flat 50% off.’ A timer creates a rush to shop, just make sure you keep it accurate.

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Refiral - Launch Social Referral Campaigns Virally

The discount link shared further reaches out to the customers’ friends and hence gives you free social media marketing for your online store. His/her friends click on the shared link, get a coupon code, visit your store to make a fresh new sale at a cool discount, hence helping you acquire new customers. It doesn’t end there.

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