Why Windows Phone Is Dead, But Not Completely Gone

About the Author. Brien Posey is a 16-time Microsoft MVP with decades of IT experience. As a freelance writer, Posey has written thousands of articles and contributed to several dozen books on a

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Update: MCSA Training Kit Includes Exam Discount

Microsoft Press is offering 15-percent-off exam discount coupons in its second-edition MCSA and MCSE training kits. The coupons can be applied to tests taken at VUE testing centers worldwide

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Microsoft’s Novell Deal -- What’s It All About

As part of that effort, Microsoft will distribute approximately 70,000 coupons for support and maintenance of SuSE Linux Enterprise per year to customers, and the two firms’ support staff will

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Microsoft Shows Off Web Ad Prototypes --

News. Microsoft Shows Off Web Ad Prototypes. By The Associated Press; 02/05/2008; Microsoft Corp.'s online advertising researchers will spend this year teaching computers to be smart about

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IT Schools: Readers Weigh In --

I went to a rip-off school and I knew it was a rip off school from day one. I paid for the course the day it started and the only trouble we had was some of the course books arrived two days later.

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Microsoft Develops Video Ads for Grocery Carts

Microsoft Corp. is bringing digital advertising to the grocery cart. The software maker spent four years working with Plano, Texas-based MediaCart Holdings Inc. on a grocery cart-mounted console

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Firefox 2 The fine folks from Mozilla Corp. stopped by last week to show off Firefox 2.We made them all gourmet coffee, cleared off the conference table and had a little sit-down.

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Vista on Time -- This Time --

Vista on Time -- This Time. By Doug Barney; 10/17/2006; If you're late to work four days in a row, but get there promptly at 9 a.m. on Friday, can you still claim to be on time?

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Windows 10 Update Flaw Brings Back Removed Apps

They can't turn off tips and tricks notifications, for instance. Microsoft also removed Group Policy controls for blocking Windows Store App access with the Windows 10 Pro edition. IT pros have

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Gas Pumps To Sport Windows --

Austin, Texas-based Dresser Wayne showed off a pump it plans to ship soon that will feature a version of Windows CE embedded as part of what it calls its iX Technology Platform.

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Microsoft Puts Reference Customer Forward for SQL Cluster

Customers, who include manufacturers, retailers and others with an Internet presence, can set up marketing campaigns through coupons, free samples and repeat-purchase loyalty programs targeted at

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