28 Social Emotional Activities That Support Distance

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. View disclosure policy HERE.. Social-emotional activities can support distance learning at home.

Actived: Thursday Aug 6, 2020

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Classroom Management Bundle: Class Jobs, Coupons

Your class will love having and using these FUN class jobs, transitions, reward coupons, schedule cards, breaks, fast finishers, awards, and rules. Each resource has the same look and feel to create a cohesive look in your classroom. Buy the bundle and get 30% OFF (3 resources for FREE)! The total value of all 8 resources together is $49 (SAVE

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Classroom Reward Coupons EDITABLE – Proud to be Primary

This EDITABLE Classroom Coupon Reward System includes 40 different class coupons for you to use as part of your classroom management. Save a ton of money and ditch the treasure box! Give the incentives and rewards kids want with class coupons! This set includes 40 different coupons with 10 on each page. Each coupon com

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39 Back to School Activities & Ideas for Teachers – Proud

Start the year off with a little bit of fun, and a whole lot of learning. For instance, focus on activities that are educational, but also include a fun factor. Such educational activities that focus on Math, Reading, or Writing could also include arts, crafts, games, or physical activity. Here are a few ideas.

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Time Management Activities - Not Just for Students!

After each activity, the student is responsible for “checking it off” on their schedule. Schedules allow them to see the flow of the day and to anticipate the next activity. Non-Verbal Transitions: Play a particular song when you want students to move to a different center or transition to a different activity.

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Classroom Management Strategies: The Ultimate List – Proud

Coupons – If you’re looking for reward ideas that don’t cost a thing, print off some coupons for students to earn. This can be anything, from picking their seat for the day or sitting by a friend. Classroom Economy – Print some fake dollar bills and let students earn money to buy prizes. Not only is this a great classroom management

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Question of the Day: For KIDS! A DIY Question of the Day Board

Classroom management is so important that we spend the first 2 weeks at school, building, learning, and practicing strategies. Implementing the question of the day board is an excellent tool for classroom management, with the added benefit of reading and socialization.

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Time Management for Teachers Who Simply Must Do All the Things

I print off the checklist and take this to school during classroom set-up. The list gets prioritized so I have a plan ahead of time as to what to tackle first, second, and so on. As things get done, I check them off. This gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

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First Week of School: 10 Teacher Tips You Must Remember

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. View disclosure policy HERE.. 10 teacher tips for the first week of school that will help teachers have fun, while saving time. Tons of back to school ideas and organization tips.

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30 Back to School Ideas for a Stellar First Week – Proud

These 9 things will help you start your year off right! These class coupons will come in handy. 22. One way to show students the power of hurtful words is to use this “Sticks and Stones” activity. They will learn the harsh reality that words can cause as much damage to the heart as physical harm to the body.

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