Saharan Dust Plume 2020 Tracker: Live Maps Show Forecast

According to the Weather Channel, the dust plume will make a 5,000-mile journey across the Atlantic before hitting the Gulf Coast and parts of the Deep South in the United States this week. The

Actived: Monday Jun 22, 2020

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Andrew Mason On How To Deal: From Founder To Ex-Groupon CEO

On three occasions since late 2010, American Apparel, one of the few national brands with which Groupon has done deals, has offered half-off coupons (e.g., a $25 Groupon is worth $50 in value).

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Stuck With A Groupon Coupon You Can’t Use? Deal Wallet Is

Imagine you managed to snag one of the limited coupons for money off a meal at a hot-ticket new restaurant in town, but get called away on business at the last minute. You’d open up the Wallet

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Just Like Grouper Fish: Coupon Sites Devour Everything

What about half off a sailing tour of Bodega Bay? And how about that deeply discounted private wine tasting in Sonoma? Like grouper fish, these coupon sites are sucking people in and not letting go.

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Profit From Your “Groupon Remorse” With DealsGoRound App

A new smartphone app from DealsGoRound helps you take advantage of “Groupon remorse”–social-buying coupons for resale and he could have benefited from the opportunity to sell off his

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Gender pay scorecard 2020: Walmart, Goldman, McDonald's fail

Goldman Sachs has been fending off the lawsuit, which represents 3,000 former and current employees, for 15 years now. MetLife and Silicon Valley giant Oracle, which also flunked Arjuna’s test

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How Groupon Can Save Itself - Fast Company

How is the client better off once they’ve done business with you? Where’s the value when I’m presented with three different “70% off brow waxing” offers in an eight-day period?

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Give Up The Gimmicks: How Groupons And Coupons Can Damage

Give Up The Gimmicks: How Groupons And Coupons Can Damage Your Brand Americans love a bargain, and that is not about to change. But sometimes what looks like a bargain is really just a bad loan.

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5 ways to find the best online deals on Amazon, Google

If you ever find yourself in the final stages of an online store’s checkout process and there’s a big, juicy “Coupon Code” box staring you in the face, you owe it to yourself to search for

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How To Prototype Your App With People (Using Mechanical Turk)

But even then, it was powered by three friends logging into a crude admin UI and manually parsing the coupons off-site. Some call this the “Wizard of Oz” approach. And it worked beautifully up

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Live Well at a Discount, Everyone Is Included at Groupon

or service at a discount, usually around 50% off, if a certain number of people sign up for it. The amount of experts at cutting coupons, and would also like to get discounts on more than

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