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The 5 Best Devotional Books For Women - 21 Flavors Of Splendor

One of my favorite women authors of books, devotional and other types, is Anne Graham Lotz. Anything written by her is well worth the read! ! I do like the authors and the books you shared, but I also feel like it’s good to read other authors that perhaps don’t lean in the charismatic direction.

Actived: Thursday Jul 16, 2020

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Flavor of the Month is Budgeting - 21 Flavors of Splendor

I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan and love having my house and cars paid off. It’s a much more stress-free way of life! You speak the truth about the importance of planning and knowing where your hard earned dollars are going! The Perfect Gift- DIY Love Coupons. 3 Boundaries Every Marriage Needs. Setting Goals- Free Printable. Why You Need A

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Flavor of the Month Archives - 21 Flavors of Splendor

Whether it is the first of the year, the end of the year, or the seasons are changing; we are all often looking ahead. So many are looking either to make goals, check off goals, or looking to refine …

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The Best Family Date Night Chart + Free Printable - 21

You often go from spending most moments with them to sending them off to school. The Perfect Gift- DIY Love Coupons. 3 Boundaries Every Marriage Needs. Setting Goals- Free Printable. Why You Need A Family Vision Board. Finding Joy When Marriage Is Hard. The Perfect DIY Kids Gift .

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Flavor of the Month is Refocus - 21 Flavors of Splendor

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The 5 Best Devotional Books For Women - 21 Flavors of Splendor

There are times when from the moment your alarm clock goes off in the morning you are on the go. As a busy woman, wife, and mom, it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I love my husband and my daughters, but it is so easy to become overwhelmed with all their to-do that I can forget about myself.

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Flavor of the Month is Marriage - 21 Flavors of Splendor

This month’s flavor of the month was another no-brainer for me. I am very passionate about marriage and love being married. In January, Eric and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, so it’s only fitting to focus on marriage this month.

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When You Feel Like You're Failing as a Wife - 21 Flavors

God wants us to take our eyes and focus off of the burdens and the weight we carry. Take our feelings of failure and inadequacy, and bring them to Him. Knowing that although we may be down, we are not out and God is there to lift us up. I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone to God in prayer when I have felt lost and like a failure

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Flavor Of The Month Perspective in Reveiw - 21 Flavors of

Putting Off Things. I also stopped putting off things I knew I should be doing because I was waiting for the right time or when I had more time. The truth is putting things off until tomorrow is just an excuse to not get started. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to throw my alarm clock out of the window when it goes off at 5am.

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3 Ways To Tidy Up Your Routine - 21 Flavors of Splendor

Having a schedule and routine is so important.As wives and mothers, we have so much on our plates on a daily basis. Without some careful planning and a routine, we could often find ourselves at the end of every day wondering where did the day go and frustrated that we did not get anything we needed to do accomplish.Now understand that no amount of planning can totally eliminate that from

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Learning To Ask Your Husband For Help - 21 Flavors of Splendor

My husband has two days off Monday and Tuesday- I came back from being out with our oldest today and I thought I was going to flip, ok so I started throwing stuff a bit-Clothes were still in the washer and not put in the dryer, the kitchen was a mess! and trash was beyond full!! The Perfect Gift- DIY Love Coupons. 3 Boundaries Every

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